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You'll be coding from day one with the personalized support of your mentor. With the Web Development with Java program you'll learn the most in-demand programming languages in front-end (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and back-end (Java) development.

You’ll build an entire website, from the interface users see to all the stuff keeping it running in the background and finish the course ready for your first job in Web Development.

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Meet Yeray, your web development mentor

Yeray is an experienced programmer who will be by your side over the five months to help you solve issues, motivate you, and support you in each project, getting deeply involved in your learning process so that you achieve your goal: to launch a successful career as a full-stack web developer.

What You’ll Learn

We kick off by putting together your first website using HTML and CSS. You get the brief, plan of attack and resources. The design is up to you!

HTML 5 / CSS 3


Use Java and Spring Boot Framework to build a mobile-friendly web application, including a back-end game server to manage games, scoring, and player profiles. 


It's essential you learn how to make websites work for all devices. In this module you will use Bootstrap and other frameworks to make your designs sing.

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Flexible online programs

92% employment rate

No previous knowledge required

Committed to your employment

Who is it for?

Career Changers

85% of our students are people looking for a professional transition. 92% of them achieve it. 


Understand how your website works and make changes without expensive outsourcing.

Recently Graduated

Recent graduates join Ubiqum after finishing their degrees to help land their first job.

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What we offer

Learn by doing

All your projects are based on real-life situations with specific goals that help you develop in-demand professional skills.

Full-time mentors

Our mentors are experts in their field and will be 100% involved in your learning process. They will guide you through your projects and are on hand to further explain difficult concepts.

No previous requirements

With our advanced methodology, we can accept candidates with no previous knowledge and help them graduate job-ready.

Committed to employment

Everything we do at Ubiqum, from the methodology to the Careers Team, is oriented towards high-quality employment.

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Dedicated careers team

What Makes Us Unique?

100% practical courses

Career opportunities in more than 150 companies

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"I love the methodology! I think it brings out the best in everyone. I didn’t know if I would be able to learn in this way but looking back now, having found a job, of course it was possible."

Virginia González

Currently works at Everis

What Our Students Are Saying

Francesc Altés

Currently works at GetApp

"I started here with almost no knowledge of programming and in 5 months I've learned loads and I’ve found a job - I'm proof that it works!"

Ubiqum Locations

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A Day at Ubiqum

For flexible, online programs

Plan your day’s tasks in Trello

Work on coding your project

Review your code with a mentor

Fine-tune your code based on feedback

Group code review

Upload your code to GitHub

Career Guidance

Our career advisors know exactly what recruiters are looking for and use their expert knowledge to train students in everything from presentation and communication skills to knowing which keywords to use on your CV or LinkedIn profile. After all, searching for a job is a job in itself and introducing yourself to a new sector comes with a number of challenges. 

There’s never been a better time to move into a booming sector with Ubiqum Code Academy.

We're here to support and guide you throughout the hiring process

Intensive or flexible structure 

Study coding full-time or part-time, the choice is yours! Whichever you choose, you get the same support.

Change your Career.
ge your Life.

Find out more about our Java bootcamps online:

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Web Development
with Java online

Become a full-stack Java developer in just 5 months and relaunch your professional career. 92% of students on this program get a job upon completing the coding bootcamp or even before.

All our programs are available as intensive bootcamps or flexible part-time courses, so you can study whatever your schedule. 

Your personal data will only be used to provide information about Ubiqum bootcamps and it won’t be disclosed to any third parties. You can find out more about your data protection rights on our Privacy Policy.

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